Cosmically tuned music in resonance with your body cells

Since 1939 our today's chamber pitch is arbitrarily set to an A with 440 Hz to 446 Hz. Before that it was at 435 Hz. The music should sound more brilliant, with an aggressive touch, in order to manipulate the listeners. The higher the pitch, the more it weakens the flow of life energy and closes your heart chakra. We do not just hear with our ears, but with every body cell.

The ancients and the native people used music for praying and healing. Their instruments are tuned in A in the range of max. 432 Hz. Their music resonates with 3 important energy centers of our body - with the root, heart and crown chakra - as well as the sounds of our planet.

The 3 Tones - Earth's Day in G, Earth's Year in CIS, Platonic Earth's Year in F - belong to the Cosmic Octave. Not only the earth, but also the sun, the moon, Venus, Jupiter, etc. sound, and our body naturally resonates and absorbs this life-giving cosmic energy!

The ancient knowledge about the cosmic octave was rediscovered and calculated by the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto in the 1970s. More at

Research found: Cosmically tuned music brings us back into harmony with the flow of life and is an important contribution to our health. Day and night we are exposed to technically generated high frequencies, so that we lose the connection to the natural planetary frequencies. The result: the flow of our life energy is inhibited!

That’s why Petra plays her instruments in tune with the cosmic octave bringing you into harmony with the flow of life.