Light and sound for your harmony

In 2005 Petra M. Dobrovolny-Mühlenbach, Ph. D., psychologist and sound healer in Leukerbad, Switzerland, founded the label "Dolphinkissis" for her music and film productions. During the first registration at the studio of Stefan Woodtli Petra had the vision of a dolphin, standing upright in front of her conducting her music. His message was: " We dolphins are your muses, we'll kiss you, and you will play music for the well-being of Mother Earth, the humans and all other beings on this planet." Thus the label "Dolphinkissis" was born.

Petra plays natural instruments – no electronic ones – such as monochords, Tibetan singing bowls, two Indian tampuras, gongs, drums, Celtic harp and Crystal Lyra. Her voice producing special overtones can form amazing water crystals as shown on two CD covers below.



The Effect

Petra's music is in tune with the Cosmic Octave, which has a harmonizing and healing effect on:

  • your body and soul by strengthening selfhealing processes
  • your home and office by cleansing the atmosphere
  • plants, animals and crystals by giving them new energy


Enjoy it while relaxing, meditating, during a massage or body therapy. As this music tends to draw your attention towards your inner world we don't recommend listening to it while you are driving...

Dolphinkissis for you, your home, office, friends, for wellness-centers, clinics, hotels, schools etc.


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